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June 2007
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Paint Concrete Wall

paint concrete wall
how to paint my walls of Concrete and how to obtain a more pleasing appearance?

I am currently living abroad and the walls of my house and are concrete. I currently have the walls of my living room painted, I have my chairs pushed against the wall and each point of the wall my dirty this hatred. I never want to paint the entire room of my house, but I can ask my walls to help them achieve a good gloss finish or at least does not seem so bad. Also Should I use a primer, if so, I can apply to the top of the painting I? Thank you all information you can give me useful. I know it must be that I do not do well, when I go home to my friend, its walls are not as bad as me. Please help!

You probably want to use a semi-gloss paint. When you use a flat paint finish, rubbed furniture brands such as Do not clean very well. Also, if you are very energetic, make a painting a block called "filling", which is a heavier paint to help fill all the small craters on Concrete Blocks. But it should be coated with a layer of lacquer. A paint finishes more brilliant is that it shows more imperfections flat paint, but when it comes to Cement Paint, which should not really matter. Hope this helps.

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