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Archive for February, 2010

Concrete Repair Resurfacing

concrete repair resurfacing

Maintenance and Repair FAQ

Following is the largest table in front of my house and breaking, what should I do?
Tho I have 2 options: 1. cut through the Concrete diamond saw fence, remove the roots and Pouring Concrete for new (and expensive labor). 2. fill cracks and resurface around to create a small hump. Other suggestions?

A career tile2 elastic cleaning house 500 sq m Carpet cleaning 17,000 square meters ft.roughly 21 000 sq ft.how speaking this can cost
the amount of cost per square foot to clean 2,500 square meters of flexible tiles? and how many square feet to 17,000 square feet of carpet cleaner?

A giant willow following is my fence and I used my flesh apple?
The tree leans to the side as healthy. Ask when rebuilding my guide (who must discern his salary) I have to cut the roots causing damage to my property. This will make the tree unsafe conditions. What is my rightful position …

A statement detailed in the closure beyond the date of sale an array of names of gas?
Grandfather put on the plug, when my parents built their home in case of I wanted to travel to add a booster heater. We have an electric stove right now looking at closing the insurance line for security reasons. Here is a picture of the pipe. We …

A flash bounced off the underside of the roof of Adge / wall after the merger is used to maintain rain bands of targeting
stucco coatings. A. B. True False

Some moisture is surrounded by his freezer is well ok? Help ASAP?
I was not gel is close to all courses and humidity affect the neighborhood is a little frost will

Murray Pasto 20706x92b mower model number?
I got dismantled. While trying to find the cable moves freely verbs. I'm pretty sure that all the elements are there. It has an electric starter, but I think that I decided to simply turn the crank with the cable. The …

An application of paint.?
I spilled paint on my carpet. No one has solutions for getting out?

A broken pipe contained by my garage and left my kitchen with the AP since I get paid Fri Mon 1500 income?
I told the owner that he could not afford to eat to feed my family every day, and he said it was not their problem and what I wanted him .. He also said we should proceed marine bathroom to wash the dishes eventhough we can not …

A pool ask.10 PNT!?
My pool was dark green, we have a tornado struck our home and lost power for 5 days.well blue pool now, but the sky is Cloudy … you can not see the substance of the superficial, even stopping. Anyone know what to do? if you please!

A gas release .. Engineers?
could u pls tell me if: r iu testo digitalmanomeaters reliable as 506 or so .. Please let me know thnx

A rat on my treadmill, I lifted the nest and reset the son, and all is well, except?
when I click on the speed on the carpet, there is no lack of energy electric motor. What should I do?

A smell of sewage coming out of the bathrooms.?
Well, I think it is the fourth is bathing. We sense only smell in the room if we close the bathroom skylight. This is not a smell irresistible, but it is very sensitive. I have to leave the window Bathroom adjectives at this time so that …

A washcloth to get to the end in the toilet What I can go with it?
Someone that alternatives to homemade snake?

Freon AC / … What are the guidelines for the control?
If Please help! I live in a large complex of terraced houses. I own central air. These units are almost 12 years. I have lived here for 8. I know my A / C have not been covered. (All. ..

A / C blowing, but no cooling?!
Glitter formed in a pipe (small) near the top of the box air conditioning fan blows, the filter verbs, but I have no cold air? "Is this the freon, and how I can check without calling a contractor?

A / C compressor fan is not working, any design?
Hello everyone! I need help with my air conditioning. I started for the first time this season and the fan on the issue was not spin. If I turn with a stick, they keep spinning, but not as fast as it should be ….

A / C continues to operate below the record?
I have a Honeywell thermostat RTH230B that must be controlled to ~ 73 DegF in the house but the A / C is running and can enter the bottom of 60 years, if not turn it off before you get so low. Show does not show the symbol that is …

A / C interview …?
Ok my a / c is not cooling. The fan is outside the unit. If I poured a packet of ice cubes which gives cool names? Not I know nothing about air conditioners .. Please oblige!

An Engine Problem C / second engine?
My A / C fan motor is out I went to the local electrical store told them what I had with a GE 1 / 8 4 hp motor capacitor son black, green, brown, purple, green ground, Black Line Purple, Brown's son capacitor seven new engine green field …

A name of c / is a senior executive in a minute when running. Perhaps here, Administrator surrounded the names do not work properly?
My a / c air handler is very strong when a / c running. I also notice blower or a fan in the sky manager is very dirty, it looks like mold on the blade support. I shot a v mold vents throughout the house. Is that a fan is replaced …

A Question C / -?
We had our A / C is the freon added last year. TI does not discern how the house is cold, 75 * I keep reading and sometimes it's really 80 *. It's hot here (100 *) could be right that it's so hot …

A Question C / -?
We had our interview last year and added freon. Is there a moment ago the Texas sun keeps the house warm so hard? What I can do? Thanks!

A / C competition does not satisfactorily address icy breath to cool the house, but the cold spell names?
I guess this question one to many. I can rent a house and I have a one year old system c /. problem quickly, one dosent v. fresh home corectly. I have a thermometer and air exhaust outlet is about 62-64, but dosent blow complex …

A / C, heat pump maintenance?
II have a Trane XL 1200 AC / heat pump air unfixed, the driving speed. He was over 10 years in January. It is starting to die as we speak, but probably hobbled by a year or two. (I hope). Anyway, I saw …

Aaaaah! ERROR!?
Aaaaah! Ok, there is a huge green bug SCARAB-Type correctly and LEGS wood and a shell on the roof of the sill in the bathroom! How I can get rid of it and what it is? "It is toxic? We can not go because it could …

About names conditioning crucial?
I mean the air conditioner 30 years. I want or I will take the place soon. Mine has an oven. Now I have to cook instead of air conditioning pump. I read the article at the heat pump and I felt it is just …

Approximately how many public services are not running a house surrounded by 3,500 square meters?
My husband and I are ready to expand our family and we in place to build a house here in Texas. How much do utilities run? I say almost $ 1,500 / month … cover with water, cable and electricity, I believe?

Above .. Question ground pool?
Ok first let me start with clarity thanks to all who can answer these and my husband and I are going crazy trying to play! We bought the house two years ago and came alongside a above ground pool 21 "or whatever …

By above ground pool is needed …?
Does anyone know what would cause a sand filter above ground pool in a backbone to blow the sand in the pool?

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Concrete Resurfacing – Broom Finishes

TintCrete TC-DLC-3 Resurfacer - Old Concrete, 3 lb

TintCrete TC-DLC-3 Resurfacer – Old Concrete, 3 lb


TintCrete resurfacer is formulated from our “ultimate resurfacer” dry latex concrete. Polymer-modified. Can be applied horizontal, vertical and overhead from featheredge to 1/4″ thick. Great for brush coating. For interior and exterior use. Available in 2 colors: old concrete (beige-colored) and new concrete (gray-colored). Formulated to resemble existing concrete and achieve a better-looking repa…

SAKRETE Flo Coat Concrete Resurfacer - 20 lb. Pail

SAKRETE Flo Coat Concrete Resurfacer – 20 lb. Pail


Sakrte Flo Coat Concrete Resurfacer, 20 lb. PailFeatures: Sakrete Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer is a polymer modified, sand and cement resurfacing material requiring only the addition of clean water.For resurfacing concrete walks, slabs, driveways and patiosCan be applied in a flowable consistency using a squeegee or in a stiffer consistency using a trowelDesigned for applications from 1/2 inch dow…

Armor Outdoor Surface Sealant Restores and Protects Concrete Driveways, 25 Sq Ft (Small)

Armor Outdoor Surface Sealant Restores and Protects Concrete Driveways, 25 Sq Ft (Small)


Armor is an outdoor surface treatment 2x stronger than concrete that seals, protects, and extends the life of your outdoor surfaces! A combination of specialized latex and polymer-enriched aggregate, Armor creates an ultra-strong bond and can adhere to most concrete, wood, metal, and asphalt surfaces. Simply mix and apply – and with just one coat of Armor, you can quickly waterproof surfaces, prot…

The concrete resurfacing of existing asphalt on IH-30 in Rockwall County, Texas

The concrete resurfacing of existing asphalt on IH-30 in Rockwall County, Texas

Field evaluation of engineering fabrics for asphalt concrete resurfacing - Audubon County

Field evaluation of engineering fabrics for asphalt concrete resurfacing – Audubon County

Bonded Portland cement concrete resurfacing

Bonded Portland cement concrete resurfacing

JE Tomes RSCA-55P Rapid Set Concrete Resurfacing, 55lb. Pail

JE Tomes RSCA-55P Rapid Set Concrete Resurfacing, 55lb. Pail


JE Tomes Rapid Set Concrete Resurfacing, 55lb. PailEasy to use – just add water, mix and apply. Quckly patch, repair, restore concrete 0″ – 4″ thick. Sets in 15 minutes @ 70 F. Traffic-ready in 1 hour (3000 psi). High Strength – 9000 psi. Non-Shrink. Use Interior/Exterior. Re-sealable pail for reduced waste. Uses Include: Concrete Repair, Grouting, Anchoring, Casting, Underlayment….

DuPont Premium Waterproofing Natural Look Sealer 5 Gallon

DuPont Premium Waterproofing Natural Look Sealer 5 Gallon


Deep penetrating sealer preserves natural look – will not change color. Dries clear to form a waterproof barrier – provides durable protection against water-based stains. Great for masonry walls and cinder and concrete blocks. Pavers, brick, exposed aggregate concrete, unpolished poured concrete slabs and other masonry products typically found on vertical and horizontal surfaces such as sidewalks,…

DuraGrid 12 x 12 Interlocking Deck and Patio Tiles, Pack of 30, Beige

DuraGrid 12 x 12 Interlocking Deck and Patio Tiles, Pack of 30, Beige


Deck tiles that are perfect for resurfacing old warn out surfaces around pools and patio areas. Amazing quality and very easy to install, the Duragrid Deck Tile is the original outdoor modular decking tile. After 25 years in production, it’s still the most versatile multi-use surface available. Deck Tile self draining surface is designed to withstand extensive UV exposure and excessive use….

Quikrete Fast-Setting Self Leveling Floor Surfacer 50 Lb

Quikrete Fast-Setting Self Leveling Floor Surfacer 50 Lb


“QUIKRETE” FAST-SETTING SELF LEVELING FLOOR SURFACER *50 pound bag *Self-finishing interior floor topping and underlayment *Specially formulated to produce a smooth surface *Ready for the installation of ceramic tile, resilient flooring or other finishes *Use for: resurfacing existing concrete floors with damage finishes and over new concrete floors and pre-cast slabs with unacceptable finishes….