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November 2015
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Concrete Column Molds

concrete column molds

Harrisburg Basement Remodeling Tips

homeowners, which is the best kept secret in space expansion. Before you say "no" well, consider the following facts:

Finishing the basement is a simple and cost effective alternative to adding square footage to a house. In fact, the cost of completing the basement, with all or most are of the same features [of the skylights the only exception] would be obtained with a new way 'integrated' or "built out" Also, is around 25%! The key is to stop thinking about remodeling a basement space as "and reconsider a added. That's exactly what you get if you apply these tips.

Since basements are surrounded by land that is maintained at a relatively constant temperature year round, are naturally cooler in summer than above floor rooms. In winter, the opposite is true. dense masonry foundations keep quiet, too, making them perfect for people want to add more functions to their homes: a playroom for children, a home office, an area exercise, a habit that a large shower, a sauna, an area of evaluation, or simply a place to relax and play pool, throw darts, play ping pong. The dark finish a basement is ideal for home theater. A kitchen or bar adds a nice touch, not to mention practicality.

Do you have teenagers? Yet right?, If you do, there is another, a considerable benefit that could prove priceless. You can convert your basement to the area of quality where you can "hang" with friends, instead of "who knows where." It is a reasonable way to maintain control over what they are doing.

Since the work is done usually in an area outside the shape, with its own entrance, the contractor and his team can save the occupants of both the hassle that goes with remodeling other parts of the home.

Certainly, the current challenges basements – small windows, low ceilings, structural columns. But with the right budget, everyone can overcome or even turned into assets. And unlike other existing spaces, basements defects are obvious, so you will not have to budget for unpleasant surprises.

Best of all, the structure is already there: four walls, floor and ceiling, all paid. What owner would not want to work is 30 percent completed before the contractor even takes a hammer?


* Maximize the window area, as an emergency exit, and the maximum day. Most building codes require every room to have two ways to exit [NOTE: A window is considered a way out, but only if the bottom of the window is not larger than 54 "of] finished floor. Keep the plant" open "this will make the most brilliant place, and reduce overall project costs. Redirecting daylight as much as possible. The existing window wells can be dug deeper, so that the larger windows and lower is installed. This remains true even if the sound cut through the walls of poured Concrete foundation necessary. There is a company ['Bilco'] which introduced a product called 'Scapewel. It is a large window and structural rigid foam system. Terraced steps Scoop natural light and provide easy escape. The steps can be enhanced with potted plants. We prefer to build our own windows from scratch wells, for a more finished and uniform appearance.

* Do not be stingy with artificial lighting, a basement should be lit to a greater extent than higher-grade areas, especially if used as a playroom for children.

* Replace the existing door on the main floor leading to the basement stairs with a French door. Not only is more light reach the basement, but now you can see through the door, walking to the top, you just eliminate the risk of swinging open the door in someone's face! One more benefit: when children forget to turn off the lights, never, never happens, you know immediately! If the house is only a history, "tunnel" sunlight from the roof to the ladder through a skylight tube "available from 5 or 6 different manufacturers at prices very reasonable.

* Access to the outdoors is an underestimated asset. Close the existing door with a series of French doors connecting to the backyard, [which usually where the extent his] lower, even if that requires more than cutting through solid Concrete Foundation walls. Imagine the following: If the doors of its new face south, you'll love the winter when the sun is at its lowest level, so that "absorb" the entire basement! Click here for an example.

* The ducts and pipes may need to be relocated along walls or beams, where the head of the room is not as critical. Leave high ceilings in the center of the rooms. Along the walls where the ceiling is too low, a carpenter can install bespoke-ins [cabinets or racks]. It is also the perfect place to locate cabinets. Design the rooms so that the posts or columns are hidden within the walls, eliminating one or two is certainly possible, and in many cases desirable.

* Use design elements to emphasize the width and length of the room instead of lack of height. Set tiles in a diagonal pattern to make the room appear wider.

* Slightly shorten the [doors and jambs!] By one or two inches; The ceiling will seem higher and you will feel taller! [Do not try this if you are 6 "6" or taller!] You can also use molding small – for example, 1 "x 2" base [instead of the usual 3 1 / 2 "] to make the walls appear taller.

* The carpet is acceptable, but "Mexican" are pictures of first choice if you want low maintenance and durability. Unlike carpet, ceramic tile not retain moisture. Remember, you are still below grade and below ground [other] s, accidents, like a clogged dishwasher, washing machine, bath, toilet, or other fixture can and will happen. Children spill drinks. With tiles, all you do is get the mop! If you must have carpets, rugs use. Rugs area also helps in defining the different areas. When they do get wet or dirty, you just roll up and send them to clean! voil

* Includes a new separate heating zone with its own thermostat.

* Hang the pictures slightly lower than you would on other floors. * A bathroom, used to be fully equipped one option, but is now considered a must. In fact, many of our customers opt for a custom shower with some of the following options: built-in seat, steam bath, Walk-in, multiple heads. Saunas are also increasing in popularity.

Visit: target = "_blank"> The Basement Finishing basement remodeling company more ideas and advice

About the Author

Ed case is the Owner of The Basement Remodeling Company in Harrisburg PA. Ed is a basement remodeling specialist with several hundred basement conversions completed since 1992. Ed is also specializes in 3-D cad basement design work.

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