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January 2018
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Michigan Foundation Repair

michigan foundation repair
Should I buy this house has a slab foundation?

I live in Michigan and I was wondering, the house was built 1960. They are very expensive repairs and what is the probability of me having to do repairs on the pipes. I 'm buying their first home. This is a 3 bedroom house with about 1100 square feet

First, be sure to obtain a professional inspection before you bid on anything. Arrival at the property and walk through with the inspector. Ask and choose his brain while the inspection is done (on your salary, after all). As for home repairs, in all likelihood, the house is almost half a century, so that we can almost guarantee that repairs will be done. Now, the Foundation Slab is another story. They are very expensive to repair and cause serious problems for many others. If the council does not pass the inspection or the house appears uneven as you walk through she must go through the house completely. Finally, said the roof is in good condition, too, are a reasonable price to replace, but its one of those things that can lead many other problems too. Good luck and remember to take your time, this is perhaps the biggest purchase you make in your life. Remember that.

Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair, Crawl Space Repair,Michigan & Indiana / STAY DRY

Residential Foundations: Design, Behavior, and Repair (General Engineering)

Residential Foundations: Design, Behavior, and Repair (General Engineering)


Hardcover book…

Sikadur Crack Weld Concrete Repair Kit

Sikadur Crack Weld Concrete Repair Kit


Two component, low viscosity, fast curing epoxy sealing system for repairs to cracks in concrete and solid masonry. Conforms to ASTM C-881. Where to use it: – Low pressure injection of cracks in structural concrete and solid masonry. – Gravity feed cracks in horizontal concrete and horizontal solid masonry. Capseal will yield approximately 300 ml (10.1 fl oz)each (2 included) Injection resins will…

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