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February 2018
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Poured Concrete Home

poured concrete home
Specify how to create a solid form for a Concrete staircase that rises up to 4 meters of a wooden bridge.?

I Can not get a cavity below open because I do not want a house creatures there. This will be a drag. The manufacturer wants to Pour Concrete into a form with rebar and do all this with a Cement Truck. Another manufacturer wants to use blocks to make up the ashes of the most basic and Concrete Mix by hand to cover the bar and the stairs – the formation of a 2 "slab at every step. I do not want to spend more than $ 800. Is anyone knew the best way to build this scale? 4 feet high, 4 feet wide and a total length of 6 feet from tip to tip, measured on the ground. Exterior. Thank you!

First consideration is that the concrete stairs have a large base below. The feet should be below the frost line and the rest of the soil intact, according to the requirements of local building codes. The foot should be sized correctly so that the burden of the stairs is uniformly distributed. The result ensured that the measures that are sure to draw and develop over the seasons. At the end of the stairs, you can even become dangerous and unusable. It is a common practice to use sunscreen, rock, soil and other debris filling the more space inside the forms. To do otherwise is simply a waste of money because the concrete is expensive. I insist the ready Mix Concrete, because a Concrete Truck mised handbags tends to produce less desirable results when used in earthworks and stairs. Even with concrete measures have yet to install ramps in compliance with the Code. It is more difficult and costly in concrete. I guess I can see where I'm going with this. I would seriously consider having a good set of stairs and ramps constructed of wood instead Of Concrete. Good luck with your project.

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