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December 2017
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Pouring Concrete Stairs

pouring concrete stairs

Create a garden

My gardens have always been described as whimsical. It is a good way of saying that nothing can be done. Flowers here there and everywhere without color combinations, and although attractive, did not catch the eye appeal of a garden.

The eclectic style garden and have their place, but not a bad idea to incorporate some traditional principles of adding structure to your landscape. Here is some basic elements of a formal garden, perhaps some of these ideas are reflected in your "unofficial" garden.

1. Start by incorporating a geometric structure to your garden. It can be defined with clipped box hedges, fences and border roads.

2. Whatever type of media you use for your walkways, keep straight or curved, with edges neatly trimmed. In addition to the borders of the plant, creating a strong framework of brick or Concrete. Not only does it add to the linear form, makes maintenance a breeze.

3. using small accents to make big statements. planters with green foliage stands out very well. boxwood shrubs shaped egg in small urns on each side of a driveway or garage door to attract the eye and symmetry. Another classic is the topiary accents. Make your own by filling out a form Sphagnum wire and vine, like English ivy around the shape. As your plant grows, train vines to include the form and remove All homes can be easily formed.

4. Continue the sense of symmetry, repeating sequences of plants in different areas, or placement of the same plant on either side of the stairs, or a bank.

5. Create a solid structure in your garden that is a year round station. Although some plants are distinguished in their different stages of flowering, make sure you have an overall design with the classic ingredients such as borders, paths, hedges, fences, shrubs and perennials.

6. Keep it simple by choosing a color palette or style defined plant. White is one of the most common options for a garden, and creates a feeling of lightness in the shade garden.

7. Focus on focal points or points of view in your garden. A straight road must have a destination, like a pool, pond, rock garden or gazebo. Rest areas should take advantage of the most picturesque places or points of view.

8. Based on a more "elegant casual before" design furniture garden or terrace. This is not necessarily expensive, adding a layer on the outside or creates simple room a formal appearance.

9. Containers are an excellent accents strategically placed formal are not only beautiful, but flexible. A simple clay pot can be used to create a garden of herbs functional and elegant. Use a sharp reduction plant rosemary to your room and the developed using a combination of different specialists of the leaf, oregano, dill or fennel behind thin.

10. Once established a system of simple green and white, two traits not Clematis purple or sky blue morning glory as an accent.

11. Add the same color Mulch all beds in a clean uniform. Enjoy the ease of maintenance it provides.

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Egald Construction & Concrete #4 – Pouring stairs and landing

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