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January 2018
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Used Concrete Pumps Sale

used concrete pumps sale
Sealing Concrete Slab odor?

We are remodeling a house he bought recently at a foreclosure sale. The house has a slab concrete slab has a strange / moisture / pet odor smell, even after cleaning the floor with bleach water to the pump sprayer. What can we put down to seal it and get rid of odors? Thanks! Additional note: The smell is worse in the rooms in other parts of the house. According to neighbors, past owners (12 years) were anything but clean. Apparently, when cleaning equipment for the bank came after the execution of a mortgage of the entire house and, especially, the carpet smelled. Fortunately, the carpet had been removed before finding / placing a bid on the house.

Concrete does not smell, what is causing the smell is under the slab. Until you know exactly what it is, would be a mistake to seal it. If it is open or meat pipes fall dead on the floor at some point and still have to lift the slab. That foreclosure is really could be anything under there that the previous owner wanted to hide in a hurry. Edit: The smell is tiny particles floating in the air source. "Odd / moisture / pet odor, suggests that it is organic. The rooms smell the same smell, only worse. Cockroaches spring to mind, to live in a naval barracks held a lot of them. Some type of insect is better than a good guess. Did you receive a report from the inspectors? I think you may need to fumigate the property.

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